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Magnacleanse Flushing System

Fast and effective central heating system flushing with ongoing protection

  • Removes virtually ALL suspended black iron oxide in ONE pass
  • System flushing could now be achieved in as little as TWO hours
  • Effective system flushing results with ongoing protection
  • Cleanser remains concentrated within the system throughout the process
  • Cleanser remains heated within the system throughout the process – More effective
  • Saves water – Disposal ONLY at the end of the process
  • Effective, ongoing protection for the boiler for improved performance and efficiency

For more details and install prices please call: 07568 407358 or email: info@halesowenheating.uk

Protect your system with the MagnaClean Filter

Cold spots and poor circulation can be a result of black sludge in a system.As water runs through a central heating system, corrosion occurs, causing harmful black iron oxide sludge to build-up in radiators and pipework. Immediately following installation, MagnaClean will maintain and protect your central heating system, removing virtually 100% of circulating black sludge and help you avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

  • Longer boiler lifespan
  • Can help to reduce system maintenance costs
  • Increase the comfort and efficiency of your heating system

Please call us for details and installation prices

MagnaClean Filter System

t: 0121 550 0002 e: info@halesowenheating.uk